Workplace Ergonomics & Rehabilitation

Workplace Ergonomics & Rehabilitation

Workplace Ergonomics & Rehabilitation

Workplace Ergonomics & Rehabilitation

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We specialise in optimising work environments, preventing injuries, and facilitating rehabilitation for individuals in various work settings. Led by experienced occupational therapists, our team is dedicated to promoting health, safety, and productivity in the workplace through ergonomic assessments, interventions, and rehabilitation programs.

Workplace ergonomics and rehabilitation focus on creating ergonomic work environments that support healthy and safe work practices while also providing rehabilitation services for individuals recovering from work-related injuries or managing chronic conditions. These services are essential for promoting employee well-being, preventing injuries, and improving overall workplace productivity.

  • Ergonomic Assessments: We conduct ergonomic assessments of workstations, office layouts, equipment, and tasks to identify ergonomic risk factors and recommend ergonomic solutions that promote comfort, safety, and productivity.
  • Workstation Design and Setup: We provide guidance on ergonomic workstation design, including proper desk and chair ergonomics, monitor placement, keyboard and mouse positioning, and organisation of tools and materials to reduce strain and fatigue.
  • Equipment Recommendations: We recommend ergonomic equipment and accessories, such as adjustable chairs, ergonomic keyboards and mice, monitor stands, footrests, and task lighting, to support healthy work postures.
  • Ergonomic Training: We offer ergonomic training sessions for employees to educate them on proper ergonomic principles, body mechanics, and work habits. 
  • Rehabilitation Services: We provide rehabilitation services for employees recovering from work-related injuries, surgeries, or chronic conditions. Our rehabilitation programs include therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, pain management techniques, and gradual return-to-work plans tailored to individual needs.
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