Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Consultations

Full comprehensive physio assessments & treatments at your doorstep! Focusing on patient centred care, goal planning, exercise prescription and treatment directed around your priorities. Being a travelling physiotherapist, we can complete consultations at your home, workplace, track or sporting ground. The possibilities are endless!
Further accountability available all to ensure I provide you with the best treatment and ongoing support.

Physiotherapy Services


We provide Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy services to Plan managed & Self managed NDIS participants.  With our home visit services it makes it easy for people to get their physiotherapy needs met in a convenient, private and professional way without leaving your surroundings.  

By utilising our physiotherapy clinic on wheels we are able to travel to more regional areas to help people who don’t have easy access to these services. 

Our highly trained physiotherapists pride themselves on having the ability to adjust their assessment and treatments to accommodate for every individuals circumstances, including working with children in a fun and flexible way to ensure the best functional outcome.

We also offer Hydrotherapy  at public pools local to your area.  Hydrothearpy can be an excellent addition to your treatment plan.  


By using the pools buoyancy, you can complete pain-free movements that can assist in restoring your function and range of movement to take your rehabilitation to the next level and reduce your recovery time!

Hydrotherapy can be very beneficial for a range of illness’s and injuries including back pain, sciatica, whiplash, osteoarthritis, joint injuries, pre & post-operative conditions, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many more!

Dry Needling and Acupuncture

Dry needling is used by physiotherapists to target specific muscles, ligaments or scar tissue to improve movement and reduce pain. Tight calves, tennis elbow, headaches, migraines or any other musculoskeletal injuries or conditions – dry needling could be beneficial for you! 


Acupuncture is a traditional medicine where acupuncture points, meridians or channels based on body land marks and human anatomy are targeted. If you have long standing pain or stress – acupuncture could be beneficial for you!

Telehealth Consultations

Full comprehensive online physio consultations including; full assessments, treatments along with home exercise and rehabilitation plans. This is designed to be just as effective as a regular hands on consult with manual therapy from a physiotherapist.

Research has shown that to get the long term benefit and full recovery from physiotherapy, it is vital to place importance on the home exercise prescription aspect of the treatment plan as well as the short term hands on therapy- this is why telehealth consultations are a great alternative to hands on consultations especially for those who are outside the SEQ region.


Recovery & Remedial Massage

All massage have some similar benefits and there are some crossover effects.
REMEDIAL MASSAGE is a great way to achieve a reduction in stress, increase your relaxation & aid in recovery. This therapy also aids in reducing pain levels and anxiety.
*1 Hour FULL BODY relaxation massage available- Great way to relax and unwind with all major muscle groups being worked to give a overall sense of relief
*Head, Neck and shoulder Massage- 20 minute massage to help relax one of most problematic areas

RECOVERY MASSAGE is a specific technique that aids increased blood flow to the tissues and muscles to reduce post muscle fatigue and soreness and restore muscle length & optimise your bodies recovery. 

WARM UP MASSAGE is an important adjunct to your dynamic warm up routine prior to training, riding to competing in any sports. It helps the body prepare for the loads and demands of the physical activity by increasing the blood flow, reducing the tissue tension and passively warming up the muscles and tissues. 

Additionally, It is recommended to complete dynamic warm ups along side massage to warm your joints up appropriately and to optimise your performance and reduce the likelihood of injury – you can get your own specific warm up program today! How? Just enquire on the contact us page.

Pre/Post Surgery Treatment & Rehab

An upcoming surgery can be very stressful and you may think there’s nothing that can be done in the meantime. This is where I come in, tailoring specific exercise regimes for the pre-operative period to get the best out of your recovery. After surgery we will continue to mould exercises that will get you back to feeling your best self as quickly as possible.

Accountability & Motivation Coaching

If you struggle do to your exercises in the first place, this is a great tool for you to utilise! We can help you by motivating you to not only do your exercises but to accelerate your progress and well-being! While providing daily check-ins, this keeps you accountable to reach your goals and optimise your performance.

Online Programs

We offer a variety of individualised and effective online programs. These include a Telehealth consultation for an initial assessment, then a tailored program will be make specifically for you working around your capabilities and your injuries (if you have any).
Online programs available at the moment:

-Warm up programs – pre training or riding. Will aid in injury prevention and prepare your body for the upcoming load

-Stretch & Recovery programs – Post training or riding. Aids in preventing post muscle soreness, prevents injuries and structured around your areas of concern.

-Transition to sport exercises Programs- Perfect for wanting to transition back into your sport of choice after an injury. We are very passionate about providing people with the tools to be able to do the sports they love.

-The Arm Pump Prevention Program- See more details under the Sarah’s Moto Physio To Go link. Specified to Motocross riders suffering from arm pump.

Mobility & Movement Analysis

Mobility assessments are vital to not only someone recovering from injury or surgery but to any person that wants to ensure that every joint in the body is performing optimally and as efficiently as possible. Mobility assessments have a focus on prevention of injuries & enhancing overall performance & recovery.

A detailed thorough assessment of every major joint in the body is performed. Then from those results along with your goals, that will indicate where the focus of treatment is needed for the session and further contribute to your personalised rehab/exercise program. Your treatment includes; education around the identified problems, hands on treatment & your home exercise program which has focus around how much you can fit in around your day and lifestyle.

Postural Analysis

If you’re suffering with discomfort and pain in your neck or back or would like to focus on the longevity of your quality of life and avoid a potential injury or muscle/ movement imbalance or dysfunction, this is for you.

This analysis creates awareness and education for you around the static posture of your whole body, from your head to your feet, identifying which muscles are overactive (or ‘short, tight & sometimes weak’) compared to those that are underactive (or ‘long and weak’) and how it affects you. Furthermore, it gives you the tools & steps to resolve the concerns and create change in your posture to avoid injury, headaches, unwanted muscular tension and of course a potential injury long term. This is also a popular assessment that compliments workplace assessments regarding desk and computer set up ergonomics. As a typical posture is multifactorial and you need to consider a focus on every factor including, anatomical, environmental, social, emotional, recreational and occupational elements to bring about the most benefit.

Dynamic Movement Analysis

The movement patterns of muscles and joints are often overlooked as it is such a routine behaviour and can quite often be asymptomatic and therefore a silent barrier to your muscles functional capacity and how it then can negatively affect each joint respectively therefore affecting your overall performance.

This analysis carefully Identifies the body’s ability to move underload, in a weight bearing, functional capacity which translates to your chosen sport/hobby. To gain a full dynamic assessment with the body working in synergy enables the therapist to utilise the results to determine which areas are in need of attention.

This is an essential component of every sport and training, no matter if you’re a runner, lifting weights in a gym, a motocross athlete or progressing with wakeboarding performance. This analysis is designed to assess the essential/fundamental movements and neuromuscular patterning required for sports and everyday daily living to ensure you are training, performing and recovering at your peak!
Ladies Challenge 2020

Ladies Wakeboard Challenge

Sarah’s Physio To Go is greatly involved with Angelika Schriber (a world champion wakeboarder) and the 10 week ladies challenge she organises at the Gold Coast Wake Park. Ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes love coming to the park and participating in this great event.

Our passionate team members are at most if not all ladies challenge classes to support the team through their warm up exercises, recovery (especially recovery massage!) and are also there for any injury consultations or concerns. A Huge passion of our physiotherapist team is to support progress on the board- assessing movement patterns, mobility and assisting with strengthening programs suited to the individual to get the most out of their session and performance.

Click here to get more information on the ladies challenge

For those ladies who are are already signed up for the ladies challenge & would like to add the Physiotherapy & Recovery package please click the link below to register.

Ladies Challenge 2020