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What does this mean for you?

Throughout your guided warm ups and recovery sessions, you are able to ask the physiotherapist any questions you have about any sore spots that are presenting whilst doing these exercises. They may be able to give you some tips to improve your technique, or some guidance around why it may be happening.

Compression therapy is a non-invasive modality proven to assist with increasing circulation and range of motion, relaxation and recovery. Reduce pain and delayed onset muscle soreness, boost pressure to pain threshold and clear muscle cell metabolites & waste products from the limbs after physical activity.

Recovery massage is a specific technique that aids in increased blood flow to the tissues and muscles to reduce post muscle soreness and restore muscle length & optimise your bodies recovery.

Is a great way to achieve a reduction in stress, increase your relaxation & aid in recovery. This therapy also aids in reducing pain levels and anxiety

If you have any issues with any acute injuries, chronic injuries & are chasing optimal recovery and a pain free quality of life or would just like some advice on injury prevention than this is the best tool for you to use!

This offer has never been this good, so take advantage of it while you can at
Optimise your recovery & performance out on the water so you can continue to chase those goals! 

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