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Importance of Lung Health

Can Physiotherapy help with Lung health?

As explained above, the importance of practicing correct breathing techniques is imperative to our lung health and pose many benefits!  From doing these things as little as once per day can help in so many ways! 

Daily Benefits of incorporating this into your routine:

– Increased / more efficient cardio respiratory endurance

– Faster recovery from a cold or flu

– Increased lung capacity

– Decreased shortness of breath

– Increases relaxation and can assist reduce stress and anxiety 

– Assists combat chronic pain in the lungs

Yes Physio’s can help! How?

– Advise correct airway clearance techniques

– As well as hands-on techniques 

What can you do BEFORE seeing us to help?

1. Sit up tall with a straight back and feet firm and flat to the ground 

2. Place your hands on the lower portion of your ribs

3. Take a deep breath in through your nose pushing your hands outwards.  Take 4 seconds to do so

4. Hold your breath for 4 seconds then breathe out through your mouth for 4 seconds 


When to call us to step in:

– You’ve done the above exercises but you want to improve further or other techniques to assist

– Getting over a cold or flu and you feel like you still become short of breath when trying to inhale 

– You have a medical illness or disease that affects your lung heath and you’d like to improve your symptoms 

– We can even assess the effectiveness of each of the lobes in your lungs! 

Think we can help you? 

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