Our COVID-19 policy - COVID UPDATE

Our team at Sarah’s Physio To Go are always ensuring we are keeping up to date with the most recent COVID-19 requirements.  We put the importance of safety to yourself, our team, both yours and our family and friends paramount, which is why we have implemented the following processes to give you piece of mind:

What to expect from us to reduce the risks:

  • Wear our masks whilst indoors at all times during your consultation (unless in-pool for hydrotherapy)

  • To be up-to-date with our vaccination status

  • To use hand sanitiser before and after your consultation

  • Maintain a high standard of hygiene for our equipment, vehicles and office space

  • Offer a Telehealth consultation as an option

  • If any team member has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is deemed a close contact, we will follow our clinic protocols and offer alternative options for your consultation.

  • Keep up to date with the Queensland government health updates and NDIS article updates

What we expect from you:


  • To advise reception if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or deemed a close contact and are currently in quarantine if you have an upcoming appointment with us
  • Wear your mask during your consultation  (If you have a medical exemption and/or are unable to wear a mask, please let your therapist or the receptionist know prior to your consultation)

  • We encourage you to communicate with us if you have any concerns or questions 

Government health advice given – updated 4th January 2022

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What do I do with my Physiotherapy consultation if...

I have been diagnosed with COVID-19

  1. Call our clinic on 0428 880 197 between 8:30am and 5:00pm to make our receptionist aware
  2. We will reschedule your hands-on consultation
  3. You are not alone, we can still help you via Telehealth (online) consultation 
  4. If you don’t understand how we can help you, ask our receptionist and we can check with our physiotherapists if online will benefit you
  5. If you are suffering from chest pains, a cough or shortness of breath we can help you online!  Chest physio (is a real thing!) is great for improving lung health and can assist with your recovery and yes this can all be done online!  So if you are struggling with these issues, just call and we can guide you through everything and give you piece of mind

I have been deemed a close contact

  1. You will need to contact us to reschedule your hands-on appointment as it is required that you quarantine for 7 days from the time you were in contact with the person diagnosed with COVID-19
  2. We absolutely can still see you for a Telehealth consultation during this time.  If you’re wondering how our physios can help please call us and we can give you advice over the phone if this is something for you or not
  3. If you are experiencing symptoms, we can help you! Please refer to the points above (people diagnosed with COVID-19)
  4. We encourage you to keep in contact with us to express any of your concerns or to ask any questions
  5. Once you are in the clear, we can organise another hands-on consultation and get you feeling back to your normal self!

My therapist has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or needs to quarantine?

  1. We do all that we can to minimise the risks of our team needing to quarantine, however no matter how much you try there are always risks
  2. If you have an appointment booked in with us and one of our team needs to quarantine due to COVID-19, we will contact you as soon as we can to make alternative arrangements
  3. Although many people don’t understand how Telehealth consultations (online) can help a specific injury or concern, you would be surprised with the amount of things physios can do to help you online!  We encourage you to contact our clinic on 0428 880 197 anytime between 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday to get advice on your specific situation and how we can help

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